Freedom Fighters
Freedom Fighters

Book status: Editing
Length: 55,000 words

When you find a cause you believe in, do what it takes to triumph.

Freedom Fighters, set in the 1956 Hungarian Rebellion, is an upper middle grade historical fiction adventure with dark themes of war and rebellion. Fans of Alan Gratz's Code of Honor, John Boyne's The Boy at the Top of he Mountain, and Marcus Zusak's The Boook Thief will enjoy the adventures of twelve-year-old Gunny Brown and his Russian friend Yuri Novitsky.

During the Cold War, the boys are reluctantly tugged to Budapest, Hungary, on their fathers' missions. Gunny's dad, a CIA operative, plans to incite the Hungarians into rebelling against the Soviet Union. Yuri's papa covets a promotion to Senior Lieutenant in the KGB. Worried Hungary might be ripe for rebellion, he hopes to further his career by stopping it.

The boys meet and become friends. In the whirlwind days of one month, the boys discover things that change their perspectives. Events compel actions which split them apart and drive them together again. What they learn about themselves, the Hungarians, and each other changes everything.